You know what I’ve found? I think, maybe, possibly that so far my favorite part of this blog has been changing what it looks like. Hmm… That’s not really the point of a blog, now is it? I think I’m going to have to work on that. I think that maybe I might find writing more interesting if I felt like I had stuff to write about. I haven’t been knitting quite as much, and…

Ok, hold it right there. I’m going to find stuff to write about. Yes, I am!

Sorry about that. Just needed to get that out. :) Talk to you later.

Exciting News!

So… it’s catching on! What is catching on? Knitting is!

Ok, sorry, that was weird.

Alright… let me try and explain this in a non-crazy-person way. I taught my best-friend Kaleen (well, it’s actually Kathleen) how to knit. Now she is, I guess you could say, re-teaching her dad how to knit. I decided to teach my younger sister, Lydia, how to knit, and Kaleen also decided to teach, Gracie, our neighbor. After all of this went down, my mom said, “You know, I should probably learn, too.”

Woohoo! That’s people that are learning how to knit! The only thing is… yarn is going to go a lot faster around here… :/

Also, I read Anne Frank for the first time. It was really good, and I am amazed at how strong she was. I was sobbing at the end; but if you haven’t read it I won’t tell you why.

Anyways, there is my news. :) Talk to you later.


Wow. My brain is a little scrambled. I just received a large amount of new yarn last night (which I split with my neighbor, so you can imagine how much yarn is floating around), and so my closet was a mess.

After the massive addition of new yarn, I had to totally rework my whole storage system. Here’s a before and after of my closet.



Oh, and here’s all my yarn.  :0

For some people this a very small amount, but for me…  THAT. IS. SO. MUCH. YARN.

Anyways, there is a small sampling of the knotted mess that is my brain. Have a nice day!


Hello. :) I am back.

So… right now the current fad is MITTENS! The first one I made was a very sad experience, but everything is alright because I learned from it!

I learned to listen to the instructions. ;)

The first mitten I made was so bad that I used the rest of that yarn to make another practice one. It turn out a little better. Here is a picture of the second mitten. (The first was so bad, I can’t even show it to you.)

The next pair of mittens that I am making are for my mother. I am actually working on them right now. Wanna see? OK, fine.

BRIGHT RED!!! OK, back to work!

Long Time No Post :(

Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been really busy with school and such. Yesterday I had the most amazing privilege of my life. I got to HOLD in my ARMS Matt and Jessica’s little baby. If you don’t know who Matt and Jessica are, just know that I love them both and that I have been waiting for this baby to come for 9 long months. Make that 7, because I didn’ t know for the first 2. Oh, and I got to give them the sleep-sack. They were really grateful and I felt really happy. Sorry my writing isn’t the greatest right now. I am really tired, so I should get to sleep. Nigh-night!


Haha. I thought about putting a little yawn face at the end, and when I typed it, I started yawning; but then I deleted it because it made me tired.

I’m almost done!

Here is my sleep sack that is almost done. I’m so excited!

I’ll admit that I am a little nervous about sewing up the end, because I’m not the greatest seamstress. Oh well!


Bye for now!


Sleepy Time!

I am currently working on a sleep sack from a pattern I found on Ravelry. By the way, Ravelry is now officially my favorite site on the web. Really. Now, that’s saying a lot for me, but that website is SO COOL!

I’m not quite finished with the sleep sack yet, but I wanted to be able to show you something for the time I’ve been absent, and so, here is a picture I took a few minutes ago. 

Yes, it’s sideways and blurry and yellow, but hopefully you can tell what it is.

I purchased my first pair of circular needles on Saturday for this project. It took a couple of tries until I figured it out, but once I did, I was having so much fun!

I hope the baby likes it!


Alright, I’ll be honest: I am really tired. Good night!

An “all over the place” type of post…

A few random things to (hopefully) interest you…

I started a quilt for some friends who are going to have a baby soon. Mainly red, black, white, and green. I’d have to say, from the squares we had, my sister did a pretty fine job arranging them to look nice. The only thing is… I don’t have any pictures yet.

Today is my little brother’s birthday! He’s 11 years old today. Happy Birthday!

I took some really cute pictures of my little sister today. Here are a couple!

Also, I found this really pretty song called Dream by Priscilla Ahn.

Well, that’s all for now, and it’s not much, but at least it’s something. :)

No desserts…

I thought I was going to get a chance to make something sweet in the oven this afternoon, but, to my dismay, I was wrong. I did get to make a delicious dish for supper, though. It’s called Baked Pasta, spaghetti with cheese baked in the oven. So, I did get to bake something, but it wasn’t sweet. I need to get to bed. Goodnight!

Little Blue Bookmark

So today I was bored and running out of knitting “steam”. I really wanted to find a quick and easy project other than the headband, and I spent a long time searching the internet for ideas, but I didn’t find anything that looked like something I wanted to do. Instead of giving up, I cast on four stitches and started to knit. I ended up with this strange, but unique little bookmark.

It will help while I’m reading the huge Lord of the Rings book.

And an artistic picture just for fun…

If you have tried to read the extremely long name of my blog, you will notice that the only thing I have done so far is knit and take pictures. Later today I might be baking, though, so that will check something else off the list.

New Blog

There is a new, fresh feeling that comes with a brand new clutter-free blog. I am hoping to make this one as neat as I can, but you know art can get. So far, I’m pretty sure no one in the whole world knows about this blog, but I’m going to try and post regularly anyways. My lastest project has been knitting ear-warmers/chunky headbands. Pictures to come! The yarn I have been using is a cute blue and green yarn. I’m not one to get all fancy with words and yarn types and all that when it come comes to knitting, but I will tell you that it was 10 stiches thick. So, I’ll try and get those pictures out soon.